Unique system integrator.

System integrator, whose main activity is the development of niche solutions in the field of automation, storage, synchronization, backup, virtualization technology and business processes.


We are specialized in Telecom Core systems, the integration of various systems within Telecom, we provide solutions for service providers (companies that provide solutions SaaS, PaaS, cloud-service providers, and others.), Orchestration, provisioning, monitoring.

Also our company works directly with organizations whose requirements are similar to those listed above – it’s large manufacturing, logistics, commercial enterprises, government and financial companies.


Quality, speed, an experience.

//// We do not do massive things are not a service company in its pure form, we do not provide technicians on call do not leave, do not sell and do not set the equipment. We do not need. It is not our profile. /////

We are engaged in the integration, development and optimization of technically sophisticated solutions that can not hold a specialist of your company. We try to provide unique solutions.

Through its affiliate “ecosystem”, our company can undertake the most complex and bulky design, while providing naikratchashie time and the best results.

Representative offices are located in Israel and Russia, that allows you to create and implement at local level the experience of major Western manufacturers, IT-integrators, developers, and customers.

Today, Insitu – indeed, the best solution of your problems and exceptions in the field of IT problems.


Development and refinement of solutions to achieve the “reasonable minimum” (Lean Managment), ie Optimization of all that can be optimized, while maintaining the IT client commands and eliminating interruption of business processes (Scale-Up).

We are very interested in their clients are willing to share experiences and introduce new cost-effective solutions.

Welcome to your choice and be glad to cooperate!